Eurovision 2019: Germany holds a Eurovision Workshop for Potential Representatives

The last we reported, German broadcaster NDR opened the submission period for potential Eurovision candidates, however there has now been progression in their national selection process.

As we also previously reported, from that submission period, it was said that no less than 1000 applications were received by the broadcaster, plus 150 original songs were submitted as part of the call for songs. From those 1000 applicants, a total of 198 were chosen by a panel which was led by the Head of Delegation Christoph Pellander, Digame representatives Thomas Niedermeyer and Werner Klötsch as well as others from the broadcaster.

From that stage, just 20 artists were selected for the next stage of the process, the Eurovision Workshop. Although 20 were selected, 5 of the selected artists did not attend due to time constraints that conflict with the Eurovision scheduling and as such will not continue with the process.

The workshop took place in Cologne, and each of the artists filmed a 90 second clip to showcase their vocal abilities. These clips will be shown to the Eurovision and Expert juries which will select around 8 to 10 acts to compete in the national final which will be held in February.

Thomas Schreiber and Christoph Pellander (of broadcaster NDR) also added,
‘In addition, we are working with other acts that will produce a video for the next round of selection outside the workshop but under similar conditions.

Based on these videos, the juries will decide who gets on the air and who we hope to see again in the next round, the Song Writing Camp.’

Although the final list of artists is not clear, some of the participants of the Workshop have been revealed publicly. Here are some of the artists taking part:

  • Aly Ryan
  • Barna
  • BB Thomaz
  • Daniel Schuhmacher
  • Diana N. Schneider
  • Dimi Rompos
  • Gregor Hägele
  • Nicole Cross
  • Nina Kutschera
  • Sebastian Schub
  • Thilo Berndt

Once the final list of singers is determined, there will be a series of song writing workshops to work on the potential Eurovision entries with the hopes that all the songs will be finalised by the end of the year.