Eurovision Union’s Chart Toppers #20

Throughout 2017, Eurovision Union was dedicated in bringing you Weekly Playlists with new music from Eurovision and National Final stars, new and old, as well as stars we’d love to see at Eurovision one day! We made so many musical discoveries, and through 2018, we want to share with you which songs we’ve been loving! Some songs will come and go, and some will stick around – here are our Eurovision Union Chart Toppers!

  1. I Don’t – Robin Stjernberg (NEW)

This fresh release from Robin Stjernberg is inarguably one of the best releases of 2018, and with that said it’s unsurprising that it has had the most airtime on our playlists over the last fortnight. It’s contemporary and it’s catchy, and boy, how we missed Robin’s voice!

2. Ne è valsa la pena – Capo Plaza ft. Ghali (NEW)

The chances of seeing Capo Plaza in Sanremo or Eurovision seem slim to none, but being a popular Italian artist, he has fairly consistently been a part of our Chart Toppers since his collaboration with fellow Italian rapper Emis Killa, and then upon the release of Tesla. Now we’ve listened to his album, and this is one of our favourite tunes!

3. Killer – Nathan Trent (NEW)

Nathan Trent has done it again! Yet another catchy number from the Austrian artist, and this could be one of his best yet. The verses are a stand out in this song, and naturally his vocals are on point with this catchy melody!

4. Giovane Fuoriclasse – Capo Plaza (NEW)

Yet another Capo Plaza song, and it’s understandable that his style of music would be divisive. The trap style is executed well in this song, and unlike the previously mentioned Capo Plaza song, this is definitely more hard hitting.

5. Trap Phone – Gue Pequeno feat. Capo Plaza (↓4)

Capo Plaza makes another appearance in the Top 5, but this time as an accompanying artist. Gue Pequeno is the lead artist on this song which is also relatively new, but is already a hit on the Spotify Charts in Italy. This one will also be an acquired taste for many.

6. Torna a Casa – Måneskin (NEW)

Not only is this song new to our Chart Toppers, but it’s also new in general, but despite that, the repeat button has definitely been abused. This is a stunning rock style ballad that is something different from the Italian band, but it is actual perfection.

7. Imprint – Felix Sandman (↓5)

Taking a break from the Italian revolution on our Chart Toppers, we are definitely still in love with this track from Felix. Yes, we could venture out and listen to more from his album, but this is definitely the highlight of his debut album – so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

8. I Wanna Fall In Love Again – Robin Bengtsson (↓5)

This is a cracking song from Robin Bengtsson that totally deserves more love. It’s a bop with a strong chorus, and once you catch onto the lyrics, it’s difficult to get the song out of your head. This has definitely been on repeat!

9. Non Cambierò Mai – Capo Plaza (NEW)

That was a nice little break from the Italian trap music, but we’re back with yet another Capo Plaza song. Can you tell his album has been on repeat? This wasn’t an instant favourite from his album 20, but it’s growing on us!

10. Dance You Off (Extended Version) – Benjamin Ingrosso (↓2)

Eurovision songs don’t always hang around in our personal playlists, but this track from Benjamin Ingrosso is special. Like Felix Sandman, it’s probably time to get to know Benjamin’s debut album, but it’s always nice to go back to the ultimate favourites.

11. I Wouldn’t Know – Benjamin Ingrosso (↓6)

Keeping on the Benjamin Ingrosso train, this is another great track from the Swedish star. It’s less dance inspired like Dance You Off and more poppy, but this is a top tune that would easily fit into mainstream radio.

12. 20 – Capo Plaza (NEW)

This is starting to reflect the Italian charts, as it isn’t just our Chart Toppers filled with Capo Plaza! This is the title track of the album, and the opening track, and it’s definitely one of the most epic of the album.

13. Perdonami – Salmo (↓4)

This is the tried and true song of our Chart Toppers, having remained in our playlists for the entire year. This song has been one big teaser for Salmo’s new music which has finally dropped (albeit geoblocked on Spotify) but sometimes there’s nothing more comforting than listening to one of your favourite songs!

14. La Mesa – Omar Rudberg (↓10)

Who knew that the combination of Swedish pop and Latino pop could be SO good, and former FO&O member Omar Rudberg is absolutely slaying this multicultural Latino pop style. Both Que Pasa and La Mesa have been stand up singles, and we want more!

15. Paradise – Ofenbach feat. Benjamin Ingrosso (↓8)

The last offering from Benjamin Ingrosso in this edition of our Chart Toppers is the collaboration between Ofenbach and Benjamin and it sure is a catchy number. It’s a bit different to what we know Benjamin Ingrosso for, but that’s a positive of collaborations, artists can experiment with different styles!

16. Blossom – Molly Hammar (↓5)

This track is a bit NSFW, but inarguably Molly Hammar’s voice is one of the best out there. This song has the ability to make you feel a certain way, plus as a bonus, is a pretty great car karaoke song! Molly for Eurovision, please!

17. Tesla – Capo Plaza ft. Sfera Ebbasta & DrefGold (↓5)
We promise, this is the final Capo Plaza song on this edition of our Chart Toppers! This is the OG song that introduced us to the world of Trap and Capo Plaza, and although it has been overtaken by other songs off his album, this is still gold.

18. Só Por Ela – Peu Madureira (NEW)

Here’s a refreshing change – this track isn’t rap, it isn’t Swedish pop, instead it’s a beautiful Fado song that was a part of the Portuguese national selection this year. Reviewing this as part of our National Final Throwback series was a reminder of how great this song really is, and it definitely deserves the spotlight for a little longer.

19. Don’t Talk About It – Aminata (↓13)

This retro pop song oozes Aminata’s signature fierceness and boasts a memorable chorus and an epic bridge which features Aminata’s voice front and centre. This is a great release from Aminata, and we’d love to see more like this from her.

20. Fammi Scendere – Rocco Hunt (NEW)

Rounding out our Chart Toppers is the latest song from former national finalist from Italy, Rocco Hunt. Rocco is great at both the street style of rap as well as pop oriented rap that is more radio friendly, and this song is the latter. We’re still getting to know this song, but so far so good!