Eurovision 2019: Lithuania begins their search!

Over the last few years, we have come to expect a mammoth national selection from Lithuania. Although the selection is usually spanning at least three months, the results from this style of selection have varied over the last few years.

For the 2019 selection, it has been announced that the length of the selection will be reduced to just 8 weeks, beginning in January and concluding on February 23 where the next Lithuanian representative will be chosen.

Lithuanian broadcaster LRT have formally opened their submission period for the 2019 season. There are three routes potential participants can apply, either the submission could be for a songwriter who submits their song, alternatively an artist without a song or a performer with their own song.

The submission period will conclude on the 10th of December with a minimum of 20 artists to go on to compete in the televised national selection.

Stay tuned for more news from Lithuania! For now, watch their 2018 entry below: