Eurovision Union’s Chart Toppers #21

Throughout 2017, Eurovision Union was dedicated in bringing you Weekly Playlists with new music from Eurovision and National Final stars, new and old, as well as stars we’d love to see at Eurovision one day! We made so many musical discoveries, and through 2018, we want to share with you which songs we’ve been loving! Some songs will come and go, and some will stick around – here are our Eurovision Union Chart Toppers!

  1. Me Gusta – Mikolas Josef (NEW)

Quite simply, I love this – Me Gusta. The follow up single from Mikolas Josef has given new life to my playlists, and in fact, this is one of my favourite releases of the entire year. This is a song that definitely deserves more love, especially outside of the Eurovision bubble.

2. Forte e Chiaro – Capo Plaza (NEW)

After listening to Capo Plaza’s debut album on repeat, this track has emerged as the dark horse of the album. It’s a bit more subdued, and took a few listens to appreciate the song, but I am definitely loving it right now.

3. Heart of Gasoline – Lanberry (NEW)

Admittedly I’m in a bit of a music rut and I’ve been looking for some stand out songs to add to my playlists, and this track by Polish pop artist Lanberry has come through with the goods. This is a killer pop track that is extremely radio friendly and incredibly catchy. Definitely worth a listen!

4. I Don’t – Robin Stjernberg (↓3)

It’s easy to claim that each single Robin Stjernberg releases is his best, but truly, this song is his best, or at least among the best. The song has everything you would want from a good pop song, the voice, the melody and beat all mix together to sheer perfection.

5. Giovane Fuoriclasse – Capo Plaza (↓1)

This is perhaps one of the darkest of Capo Plaza’s album tracks with the long, mysterious intro but once it reaches the verses and the chorus, the melody is very addictive and it’s hard for me to just listen to this once.

6. Ne è valsa la pena – Capo Plaza ft. Ghali (↓4)

We’re going to continue on the Capo Plaza path for a bit – like I mentioned above, being in a bit of a music rut, Capo Plaza has been the main source of music over the last few weeks! If you’re not a fan or rap and trap music, but still want to see what all this fuss is about with Capo Plaza, this is the song to check out. It’s more pop oriented than his other tracks and has a funky tropical beat.

7. Non Cambierò Mai – Capo Plaza (↑2)

Take away the pop elements and the funky tropical beat, and you have Non Cambierò Mai. Mind you, it’s still quite a catchy song, and interestingly it takes quite a long while to get to the ‘chorus’ of the song which helps build the song up.

8. Giù da me – Capo Plaza (NEW)

The last of Capo Plaza this Chart Toppers, I promise! I was on the fence about this track when I first gave the album a listen, but I was on board after a few listens. Like the rest of his music, you’ll either love it or hate it, and I think I can count myself in for the Capo Plaza fan club!

9. Dance You Off (Extended Version) – Benjamin Ingrosso (↑1)

For a change of pace, here’s a song that – well, also divided audiences. It’s not everyone’s favourite Swedish entry, and to be honest I can’t see why not. This is intensely catchy and contemporary, and for me, one of the best entries of Eurovision this year.

10. Perdonami – Salmo (↑3)

Let’s return back to Italian rap for a little while longer, but this time from Salmo. This song has featured in every single Chart Toppers post, so it has definitely reached the point where there’s not much else to say about this song other than my love for this isn’t dying.

11, Fammi Scendere – Rocco Hunt (↑9)

Former Sanremo participant Rocco Hunt has returned with a new single that definitely sways in the pop direction. He can either release street style rap songs, or pop oriented rap songs but he is great in both styles. This is definitely radio-friendly.

12. 90min – Salmo (NEW)

Finally, this song isn’t geoblocked and I can see what all the fuss is about. I can’t say it has been love at first listen, and the intense mixture of different styles of music is a bit jarring at first, but it’s definitely an interesting song.

13. Killer – Nathan Trent (↓10)

Picking a favourite Nathan Trent song is like picking a favourite child, you know you should love them all equally, but deep down you know you have a favourite! This is probably my favourite song child from Nathan, and I especially love the verses in this one!

14. Trap Phone – Gue Pequeno feat. Capo Plaza (↓9)

This is the last of the rap for this Chart Toppers post, but yet another great song to come out of Italy lately. Gue Pequeno is another artist who can adapt to different styles of rap, and although this is different to my previous Gue favourite, Guersace, I still love this song.

15. Torna a Casa – Måneskin (↓9)

This song is currently number 1 on the Italian spotify charts, and understandably so. Fighting off predominately rap songs in the charts, Måneskin are absolutely killing it with their latest single which is different to their previous songs, but this is truly an incredible Italian tune.

16. Imprint – Felix Sandman (↓9)

Now let’s begin the Swedish pop portion of our Chart Toppers! Everyone reading this post will likely have heard of Felix Sandman, and probably like Felix Sandman because it’s hard not to like his music. This is our fave, and it’s probably yours too.

17. I Wanna Fall In Love Again – Robin Bengtsson (↓9)

I can relate, Robin. This is a fantastic pop number from the other Robin in this Chart Toppers post. It’s not revolutionary by any means, but sometimes a simple pop number sung by a good vocalist is enough to bring happiness.

18. I Wouldn’t Know – Benjamin Ingrosso (↓7)

The more electro-pop songs from Benjamin Ingrosso seem to have a bit more instant appeal, but this song is actually quite charming after a few listens! Definitely an enjoyable listen.

19. La Mesa – Omar Rudberg (↓5)

Latino inspired pop has definitely had its moment in the sun, and this song was released just at the right time. Like all Latino inspired pop, this song is incredibly catchy, so it’s difficult to just listen to once!

20. Blossom – Molly Hammar (↓4)

This song is just so sexy. Like her EP title, Molly Hammar just knows how to bring a bit of sex appeal to her music, and this is definitely an example of that. Blossom is a very good pop number that certainly needs a bit more love around the world!