New Music: Mikolas Josef Impresses with new track ‘Me Gusta’

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Coming off the best result the Czech Republic had seen at Eurovision, Mikolas Josef is back with a new single that has quickly established itself as one of the best releases of the year thus far.

The single is called Me Gusta, and despite the Latino title, the song doesn’t seem to obnoxiously reference the Latino style that many mainstream songs have adopted. If anything, I think this song almost has a Middle Eastern inspired beat, but either way, the song is incredibly catchy.

In relation to his previous song, Lie to Me, I find Me Gusta to be significantly more radio-friendly. Where Lie to Me was a bit more divisive with its loudness of beat and melody, the latest track has a wide appeal due to the more subdued melody that makes it easy to sing along with even on the first listen.

Mikolas and his team of songwriters, Joacim Persson and Sebastian Arman have done absolute wonders with this song. It’s an effortless listen that demands to be listened to more than once and I really hope to see regular releases from the Czech artist that can match this quality.

Along with the song, Mikolas has also produced his own music video for the song, which you can watch below:

Listen to Me Gusta on Spotify below: