New Music: Lanberry releases ‘Heart of Gasoline’

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Lanberry may not be a household name, but the Polish electropop artist has blessed us with a thoroughly enjoyable new track worthy of a place on any pop lover’s playlist.

The track, titled Heart of Gasoline has proven that it’s not only the Swedes who can produce top quality pop. Although predictable in its structure, the build of the beat is intriguing as it has you wondering when the song will reach its peak. The verse and pre-chorus does just that, it builds up to the punchy chorus which is the real earworm. Like any addictive pop song, there’s a fair bit of repetition, but when you’re onto something good, repetition is nothing but a positive.

This is Lanberry’s second release of 2018, the first being a Polish language song titled Nieznajomy. The two are significantly different, and not only because the languages are different. Nieznajomy has a retro vibe which contrast’s her English language single Heart of Gasoline which very much fits into the current pop mould.

Polish pop, it’s a winner!

Watch the music video below:

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