New Music: Swiss duo ZiBBZ returns with ‘Rich’

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Brother-Sister duo ZiBBZ are back with a new single, in fact, their first new single since their Eurovision performance earlier this year.

The song is titled ‘Rich’ and is a successful demonstration of their indie-pop style. From the first acapella line, it’s easy to get hooked and the rest of the verse is just as catchy. The chorus is easy to follow along with, which is always a positive when it comes to pop.

Coco’s vocals are once again a stand out, and there’s a certain confidence that comes out in the vocal performance which makes this an even more enjoyable listen. Having watched their live performance of ‘Stones’ at Eurovision, you can almost picture the Swiss duo performing this new track on stage and knowing that they would bring so much charisma and energy.

Overall, this feels like a very Summer-appropriate song, perfect for those about to enter into summer (i.e. me) and there’s no doubt that this will be added to my personal playlist. The song is an easy listen, and if you like the indie-pop style of ZiBBZ as it is, you will certainly enjoy Rich.

Watch their one-take performance of the song below:

Listen to the song on Spotify below: