Eurovision Union’s Chart Toppers #23

Throughout 2017, Eurovision Union was dedicated in bringing you Weekly Playlists with new music from Eurovision and National Final stars, new and old, as well as stars we’d love to see at Eurovision one day! We made so many musical discoveries, and through 2018, we want to share with you which songs we’ve been loving! Some songs will come and go, and some will stick around – here are our Eurovision Union Chart Toppers!

  1. Forte e Chiaro – Capo Plaza (=)

This track is hanging onto first place once again, and for good reason. It took a while to appreciate this track off Capo Plaza’s latest album 20, however this is now one of the clear favourites off the album for me. Despite being a rap/trap song, the melody is moving and the lyrical content is some of the best from Capo Plaza.

2. Ricchi e Morti – Salmo (NEW)

This fresh track from Salmo’s latest album is coming into our Chart Toppers at a very respectable number 2. The song is short but intense, something that Salmo is a master at with Perdonami the best example of that. The rhyme in this track is incredibly satisfying and the melody very catchy.

3. Time – Daniel Yastremski ft. Kirill Good (NEW)

It has been a rare occasion (if ever) that we’ve seen a Junior Eurovision song get a spot on our Chart Toppers, but this rendition of the Belarusian entry is truly spectacular. The mixture of voices on this track is magical, and it has made me love this song even more than I already did, and I didn’t realise that would be possible!

4. Ózińe Sen – Daneliya Tuleshova (NEW)

This is another incredible Junior Eurovision song from this year’s edition, and I am sure many people agree with me on that! Not only is Daneliya’s voice incredible to listen to, but the instrumentals in this track are truly magnificent.

5. Non Cambierò Mai – Capo Plaza (↑3)

Now we’ve passed the Junior Eurovision portion of our Chart Toppers, it’s back to the Italian rap section! Capo Plaza has been a favourite over the last few months, and this is one of the best tunes off his album 20.

6. Ora Che Fai? – Salmo (NEW)

If you’re into fast paced music, this is certainly the song for you. Although some parts of the song are almost impossible to sing along to, it is still very addictive. Salmo is great at creating short songs that leave you wanting more, and this is one of them.

7. Giovane Fuoriclasse – Capo Plaza (↓3)

The long intro of this song perfectly sets up this hypnotic track from Capo Plaza, and again, one of the best off his album. This is a melody I just can’t get bored of, and many times this has been on repeat!

8. 90min – Salmo (↑6)

This is a longer track from Salmo, but it’s like he has squeezed a handful of musical styles into one song. This is an intense song that may not appeal to everyone, but the mismatched styles actually work well, surprisingly. Points have to go to Salmo for somehow transitioning into a Latino beat…

9. Dance You Off (Extended Version) – Benjamin Ingrosso (↑2)

It is criminal that I am still yet to listen to Benjamin Ingrosso’s album, but I’m at least keeping the spirit alive by appreciating this gem of a song. I’m still addicted to this contemporary and catchy pop melody, and I think this will continue to stick around in my playlists for a while.

10. Perdonami – Salmo (↑2)

Having now listened to Salmo’s album, I am confirming that Perdonami is still the best recent release from the Italian artist. This has been on our Chart Toppers for the entire year, so there’s not much that has been unsaid about this song.

11. Giù da me – Capo Plaza (↓2)

This is another addictive song from Capo Plaza, although doesn’t quite reach the heights of the songs previously mentioned. This one is best played with the volume up to obnoxiously loud levels.

12. Trap Phone – Gue Pequeno feat. Capo Plaza (↑4)

Sorry to continue with the Italian rap/trap theme, but this is another catchy tune from fellow artist Gue Pequeno which coincidentally features Capo Plaza. This is another case where I need to listen to his newest album, but for now I’ll keep appreciating Trap Phone!

13. Ne è valsa la pena – Capo Plaza ft. Ghali (↓6)

This is the last of Capo Plaza for this Chart Toppers, and if you aren’t into the traditional ‘trap’ style, this might be more down your lane. This has a catchy tropical beat that gives this song a bit more of a radio-friendly vibe.

14. Buona Vita – Marco Mengoni (↓9)

This is a fantastic taster of what’s to come from Marco Mengoni, and it’s good to hear his sound change and develop. This specific single has a bit of a Latino influence that is incredibly charming, perfect for a nice Summer afternoon.

15. Voglio – Marco Mengoni (↓9)

Different again from Buona Vita, this is more of the rock-pop style Marco was known for in the earlier years of his career. This track is very radio-friendly while still being a bit edgier than just a regular pop number, and overall it’s just a joy to listen to – on repeat!

16. Me Gusta – Mikolas Josef (↓14)

Speaking of radio-friendly, there’s nothing more radio-friendly than this catchy pop number from Czech superstar Mikolas Josef. Now all we need is an entire album of Mikolas bops – let’s hope that is in the works and ready sometime soon!

17. Heart of Gasoline – Lanberry (↓14)

This is another catchy bop that is totally underrated. Lanberry just dropped a new album (another one I haven’t got around to listening to yet) but if the music is like this track, it’s going to be a catchy one. This totally deserves more love!

18. Fammi Scendere – Rocco Hunt (↓5)

This is the last rap song of the list, but this track from Rocco Hunt definitely leans more towards the pop side of things. This is the type of song we would probably hear at Sanremo from Rocco, (and perhaps we will see him at Sanremo 2019?) as it’s catchy while still featuring his signature rap style.

19. Killer – Nathan Trent (↓4)

There have been a few remixes of this track but the original continues to stand strong. Nathan’s vocals are as smooth as ever and the melody is, forgive the pun, killer. If you haven’t already checked out this track, better late than never!

20. Torna a Casa – Måneskin (↓3)

This is an incredible track from the Italian band I so desperately wish will take part in the next Sanremo. For those who know Måneskin you will know just how theatrical they can be, perfect to represent Italy at Eurovision!