Top 5 Junior Eurovision Entries of 2007!

In the lead up to this year’s Junior Eurovision, we are looking back on the previous editions of the contest to rediscover the songs we love! Our Top 5 will likely be different to yours, but that’s part of the joy! We encourage you to join the discussion by sharing your Top 5 too!

Today we are making a big splash as we’re heading to Rotterdam, The Netherlands, the hosts of Junior Eurovision 2007. This edition of the contest featured a total of 17 participants, and from those 17 there were no less than four debut nations. These included Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia and Lithuania. There were no returning nations, but Croatia and Spain withdrew from the contest. Now, let’s get into the Top 5!

5. Nu eller aldrig – Frida Sandén (Sweden)

It was only fair that at least one of the Sandén sisters made our Top 5 list, and this is track just sneaks into the Top 5 for this edition of the contest. Compared to their presence at Eurovision, Sweden often felt underwhelming at Junior Eurovision, but this pop-rock track is a bop. There’s nothing revolutionary about this song, but the energy is infectious and the chorus is super catchy! Not to mention Frida’s confident vocal performance which features some big notes, especially towards the end which also features a key change – naturally. This definitely deserved a higher position than the 8th place they achieved!

4. Urok Hlamuru – Ilona Halytska (Ukraine)

There’s always one wacky Junior Eurovision song for each edition of the contest and Ukraine really fulfils that for the 2007 contest. Is this the Dancing Lasha Tumbai of Junior Eurovision? I really think so! Maybe there was something in the water in Ukraine in 2007, but every now and then it’s nice to see something that pushes the boundaries. The national final performance of this was a bit controversial due to the costume change, but they cleaned things up a little by Junior Eurovision while still featuring the costume change. Yes this song is a little intense and a little odd, but somehow it’s still catchy and captivating to watch.

3. Odelia Ranuni – Mariam Romelashvili (Georgia)

Speaking of Junior Eurovision entries matching the Eurovision entries of the same year, Georgia also featured many similarities. Odelia Ranuni is certainly more upbeat, but both Georgian entries featured a distinct Georgian flair. If the red and white costumes didn’t give it away the music certainly would have given a hint to where this song was from, but the fact that it has cultural influences is one of the charming elements of the song. Of course I have to question that hairstyle that Mariam was sporting, but at the end of the day, this is a totally catchy pop number that unsurprisingly finished in the Top 5 in the results (and not just in our Top 5!).

2. S druz’yami – Alexey Zhigalkovich (Belarus)

Naturally we had to feature the actual winner of the contest which is yet another bop of the 2007 contest. This was the perfect song to close out the show as it was one last burst of energy, and hey, Alexey may not have been the best vocalist of the night, but his performance was upbeat and dynamic. The song feels quite retro and fun, and definitely kid-friendly. It’s definitely not a revolutionary song, but in that way it was appealing to a large audience, and obviously large enough to score Belarus the win that year by just one point over Armenia.

  1. Sha-la-la – 4Kids (Romania)

This song is bound to be hit and miss with a lot of people, but there is something incredibly addictive about this song. There is so much energy in this performance from the beat of the song to the fast paced melody. It’s almost too energetic which is amplified by the key of this song which gives it a very unique sound. Despite that, I’ve had this song in my head so many times that it had to be in the top spot in this Top 5. Their stage performance is flawless, and who doesn’t love a bit of synchronised choreography, and considering how energetic the choreography is, it’s impressive that they can continue to harmonise even with the fast paced melody PLUS a key change. It won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but it’s a hit from me!

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