The Country Quiz: Croatia!

How well do you know the history of Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest? Test out your knowledge here!

What is the title of the Croatian entry performed in their debut year at the contest?
Don’t Ever Cry
Nek’ ti bude ljubav sva
In which year did Croatia first compete with a Eurovision entry completely in English? 
Since 2004, what is the highest placing Croatia has achieved in the Eurovision semi-finals? 
The group Feminnem had previously represented Bosnia & Herzegovina at Eurovision, but in 2010 represented Croatia with the song Lako Je Sve. What are the names of the three artists that made up Feminnem at the time of their 2010 Eurovision performance? 
Pamela Ramljak, Nika Antolos and Neda Parmać
Pamela Ramljak, Ivana Marić and Neda Parmać
Nika Antolos, Ivana Marić and Neda Parmać
What was the original title of the Croatian entry, ‘Celebrate’? 
Break a Leg
Every Step You Take
Nothing Can Stop Us
Which of the following three Croatian entries received the most points in a Eurovision final?
You Are The Only One
Lijepa Tena
What connection do former Croatian Eurovision participants Jacques Houdek and Nina Kraljić have other than their participations at the contest?
Jacques Houdek mentored Nina Kraljić on the first season of The Voice Croatia
They were both born in the same city in Croatia
They have both participated in the Croatian Eurovision national selection, Dora
Eurovision 1990 was unique for Croatia because:
They hosted the contest despite not independently competing in the very same contest
It was their debut year at Eurovision
It was the first time Croatia had finished in the Top 5 at Eurovision  
Croatia qualified into the Eurovision final in 2009, but did not finish in the Top 10 of the semi-final. Which position did they finish in?
Croatia have finished in the Top 10 a total of six times, but how many of those Top 10 finishes were with songs in Croatian language?
5 out of 6
6 out of 6
3 out of 6

How well did you know the history of Croatia at Eurovision? Share with us how many you got correct, and share with us your favourite moment of Croatia at Eurovision!

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