Eurovision Union’s November Playlist!

Throughout 2017, we enjoyed creating weekly playlists featuring songs from Eurovision and national final stars, new and old. This year, instead of (im)patiently waiting for artists to release new music each week, we’ve decided to focus on new music on a monthly basis.

We’ve selected songs that have been released on Spotify this month, and we’ve excluded songs that are competing in national finals (as we have our national final playlists for these tracks!). Also, since there’s thousands of Eurovision and National Final stars from over the years, it can be hard to keep up with all the new releases, so if you notice a song is missing, let us know and we’ll add it to the playlist!

New Albums

One of the most anticipated albums of the year was released during the month of November, and we are of course talking about the latest album from Marco Mengoni. The album is titled Atlantico, and for this playlist we have featured Mille Lire and the title track Atlantico.

Fellow Italians Il Volo have also released a new album titled Ámame which is an album in Spanish. We have featured the title track as well as Ay Ay Ay Amor.

French artist Amir has released the Deluxe version of his previously released album, Addictions. We have featured the songs Sal de Mi Mente and Imagine.

The final album we have this month is by Polish artist Lanberry! The album is titled miXtura and on this playlist we have featured the songs Nieznajomy and Next Mistake.

We have an EP on this month’s playlist which is titled Din, by Swedish national finalist Oscar Zia.

New Singles from Eurovision Stars

It has been a massive month of releases from Eurovision stars, so let’s get straight into it! We will start with some of the more recent Eurovision stars, and move back through the years. From the class of 2018, we have Alexander Rybak with the track Let the Music Guide You, and we have Alekseev with the song Kak ty tam as well as the song Don’t Make Me Cry by Aisel.

From previous years, we have Guy Sebastian with his hit new single titled Before I Go, and we also have Nathan Trent with the J-MOX 90’s remix of his previous release, Killer. Also from 2017, we have Robin Bengtsson with the song Never Born to Love, as well as Blanche with her latest track titled Moment. Naviband are back with a new track, as is JOWST in collaboration with Manel Navarro on the song Roller Coaster Ride. Another collaboration we have is between Timebelle and Sunstroke Project titled Tocame.

Let’s look at the remaining Scandinavian releases this month, including the song Vill ha mer by Eric Saade. Carola has released the song Let It In, and Charlotte Perrelli has released the song Flickan från Småland. This month we have a solo release from Topi Latukka, the lead singer from the band Softengine with the song Pehmeitä Pintoi. From Tim Schou, lead singer from the band A Friend in London we have the live acoustic version of The Tide.

There are still so many singles to discuss! Starting with Iveta Mukuchyan with her latest released Hayastani Axjikner, and from Svala we have the song titled Sex. From Jedward we have two new singles, one titled Karma and the other titled Golden Years. From Ivi Adamou we have Diko Mou, and from Aurela Gace we have Zemra Rratata. One of our favourite tunes off this month’s playlist is On Fire by none other than Loïc Nottet!

From Tina Karol we have Sweet Love, and from Željko Joksimović we have the song Menjaj Pesmu. From Irish representative Molly Sterling we have the live session of her previous single Stripped Down, while from Estonian representative Tanel Padar, we have Tükike Taevast.

We also have new tracks from Anna Rossinelli, Emma, Aram Mp3, Dima Bilan, Twin Twin , Lena. (and more).

New Singles from National Final Stars

There were a few singles from National Final stars this month, including from Markus Riva, who we now know will be competing in the upcoming Supernova, however we have his single Last Dance on the playlist which is a collab with Aminata.. We have French national finalist June the Girl with the song Viens, and Icelandic national finalist Hildur with her latest track Everyday.

Also from Iceland we have Aron Hannes with his single Lítum út, and the latest track from Daði Freyr titled I Thought I’d Be More Famous by Now. From Swedish artist Jasmine Kara, we have Risas, and Kamferdrops has released the single Svake Mennesker. From Anton Ewald we have a collaboration with Nesty on a song titled Ya No Me Enamoro.

From Italian national finalist Sergio Sylvestre, we have a track he collaborated on with The EXSS titled Victorious. We also have the latest song from Rocco Hunt titled Tutte’e Parole. From Spain we have Aitana with the remix of her previous hit, Teléfono. From France, we have Sweem with two of his latest singles, one titled Sébastien and the other titled Elle.

From Ukraine we have Max Barskih with his latest track titled Berega, and we also have Gunesh on the playlist. Mick Pedaja has also released a new track called Heat and Leaf.

Although not technically a national finalist, we have the latest track from ONUKA who were an interval act at Eurovision 2017.