The Country Quiz: Montenegro!

How well do you know the history of Montenegro at the Eurovision Song Contest? Test out your knowledge here!

In which year did Montenegro make their independent debut at Eurovision?
As of 2018, how many Montenegrin Eurovision entries have been performed in English?
Four entries
Five entries
Seven entries
Montenegro have qualified to the Eurovision final only twice, but what do those two entries have in common?
Both were completely in Montenegrin language
Both finished in 13th place in the Final
Both performed solo on stage
According to Rambo Amadeus and his entry Euro Neuro, which of the following should you NOT be?
Dogmatic, bureaucratic
Pragmatic, automatic
Hermetic, Eclectic
Out of the following three entries, which finished in the highest position in a Eurovision semi-final?
The Real Thing
Zauvijek Volim Te
From which position in the running order did Slavko perform his entry Space in the 2017 Semi-Final?
6th position
4th position
9th position
Which Montenegrin artist preceded Stefan Filipović at Eurovision?
Stevan Faddy
Andrea Demirović
Rambo Amadeus
Which two eventual Montenegrin Eurovision representatives tried to represent the nation in 2008?
Andrea Demirović and Knez
Rambo Amadeus and Who See
Highway and Vanja Radovanović  
Which Montenegrin song has achieved the lowest amount of points in a Eurovision semi-final?
Euro Neuro
Zauvijek Volim Te
Ajde, Kroči
Since their independent debut, which years did Montenegro not participate at Eurovision?
(As of 2018) 
2010 and 2011
2009 and 2011
2010 and 2012

How well did you know the history of Montenegro at Eurovision? Share with us how many you got correct, and share with us your favourite moment of Montenegro at Eurovision!

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