Tamta to represent Cyprus with the song ‘Replay’

After their best Eurovision result to date, the pressure is on for Cyprus to serve up another successful performance. The Cypriot broadcaster has now announced that Tamta will represent the nation with the song ‘Replay.’

It was rumoured that Tamta would represent Cyprus, however now it is official that the successful international artist will represent Cyprus with a song penned by Alex P, the same songwriter who wrote Fuego which was performed by Eleni Foureira at Eurovision 2018. The Eurovision stage show will be directed by Eurovision stage royalty, Sacha Jean-Baptiste.

Tamta was born and raised in Georgia and moved to Greece at the age of 21. She participated in the programme Super Idol where she placed second, and has since become a successful artist within Greece, but also in Georgia and Cyprus.

She has released four albums to date, 12 singles and 26 music videos, all of which have amounted to various award nominations and wins. Tamta has also featured in musicals, as well as being a judge on X Factor both in Georgia and Greece.

The song that Tamta will be singing is titled Replay, but unfortunately we will have to wait a bit longer to hear the entry! For now, listen to some of her previous releases: