Lithuania: Here are the results of Heat 2 of Eurovizijos!

The second heat of the Lithuanian national selection was aired this weekend, with the next 13 artists taking to the stage to perform their potential Eurovision entries.

The show was previously recorded, with the jury results revealed, however the final results were revealed in the broadcast where the public were also given a chance to vote on their favourite entries.

Here are the acts of this heat:

  • Justina Budaitė-Juna – “Strength of A Woman”
  • Edgaras Lubys – “To The Sky”
  • Lukas Bartaška – “River of Hope”
  • Paola Hart – “I’ll Be Alright”
  • Emilija Gogolytė – “Riddle”
  • Gražvydas Sidiniauskas – “Another Movie”
  • Giedrius Nakas – “Klaidos” (Mistakes)
  • Original Copy – “Power of Sounds”
  • Justina Žukauskaitė – “Hit Me Harder”
  • Donata & BingBang – “Doing The Loop”
  • Tiramisu – “The Smell of Your Eyes”
  • BANZZZAI – “I Don’t Care”
  • Valdas Lacko – “Dare”

The jury favourites for this heat included Justina Budaitė-Juna who topped the jury vote with 12 points. Coming in second with the jury was Edgaras Lubys, and tied for third with 8 points each were Lukas Bartaška and Paola Hart.

In the televote, Edgaras Lubys topped the vote with 12 points, although close behind was Emilija Gogolytė with 10 points, with only a handful of votes between them. Receiving the 8 points was Tiramisu.

With the points combined, here are the qualifiers:

  • Edgaras Lubys – “To The Sky”
  • Emilija Gogolytė – “Riddle”
  • Justina Budaitė-Juna – “Strength of A Woman”
  • Lukas Bartaška – “River of Hope
  • Original Copy – “Power of Sounds”
  • Paola Hart – “I’ll Be Alright”

Next week the next 13 acts will face the public vote, where another 6 songs will qualify to the next round.


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