Duncan Laurence to represent The Netherlands at Eurovision!

Eurovision news is starting to flood in, and the latest nation to reveal news is The Netherlands! Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS has announced that Duncan Laurence will represent the nation at Eurovision this year, which will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Duncan Laurence is from Spijkenisse in The Netherlands, and is a 24 year-old singer songwriter. This year he graduated from the Rock Academy in Tilburg, and it was during this experience that he developed as a singer, songwriter and producer. He has also spent time writing songs in London and Stockholm.

Duncan has commented on his participation, saying, ‘In the past few years many well known artists represented The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest. I’m not well-known, but that’s also a good thing; The Netherlands has a lot of young and talented musicians. My participation proves that nothing is impossible. You can suddenly get the opportunity to represent your country on an international stage. I’m very proud to represent my country… I will give it my all!’

Ilse DeLange, a former Eurovision participant as part of the group The Common Linnets has also commented on the latest Dutch representative, saying, ‘Duncan is special. His songs are very international and authentic. Duncan has the personality needed for a big opportunity like this. For him, music always comes first’

Further details on the Dutch entry will be announced on Thursday the 7th of March.


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