Portugal kicks off their 2019 Eurovision selection!

Portugal have kicked off their 2019 Eurovision national selection, with the first eight participants presenting their entries last night at the RTP studios in Lisbon.

This weekend marked the first of two semi-finals, with four qualifiers from each semi-final. The result will be decided by both jury and televote both worth 50% each. In the case of a tie, the jury vote will overrule the public vote.

Here are the competing acts:

The results of the jury were revealed first, with Matay receiving 12 points from the jury. Following behind was Calema with 10 points, and Ana Cláudia receiving 8 points.

In the televote, Conan Osíris received the top points, followed by Matay and Calema who received 10 and 8 points respectively.

With the points combined, there was a tie for the fourth position, however as the rules stipulate the jury vote overrules the televote, and as such Ana Cláudia qualified over João Campos.

Here is the full list of qualifiers:

Listen to the qualifiers below: