2019 Eurovision Reviews – Moldova

Moldova are a nation that don’t always find their way into the Eurovision finals, but when they do, they are often memorable for their songs or stage performances. With two Top 10 results over the last two years, the pressure is on for their representative this year, Anna Odobescu with her song Stay – but will Moldova be staying in the semi-final?

Song + Vocals

The Moldovan national final is always an interesting one, and realistically the songs from when they are selected in the national final never seem quite finished. However, Moldova have that potential to revamp the song but also they often manage to create memorable stage performances, but more often with the upbeat entries. This year Moldova selected a ballad, so we will get no DoReDos stage illusions, and probably no Sunstroke Project brides.

After two successful entries with big personalities, Moldova seem to be stepping back into the past with this song, and I don’t think this will pay off for them. Stay is an outdated ballad which takes no risks at all. It is that textbook mid-2000’s power ballad style of song we saw at Eurovision so many times before, and unfortunately for Moldova, Eurovision has (for the most part) moved on. Despite that, I can see how Anna Odobescu won the national selection with her song Stay as it was at least confidently performed.

Unfortunately there is nothing about this song that isn’t cliché or expected. The melody is far from ground-breaking, as are the lyrics. Naturally, we get a key change during the song, but really it doesn’t salvage the blandness of this entry. I think there is a place in all Eurofans hearts for a cliché ballad, but there is no special moment in this song, and nothing unique that stops it from being lost and forgotten in the scheme of 41 entries.

The most redeeming feature about this entry is the live performance. Anna gives a convincing performance, and although the lyrics are cliché, she does manage to add emotion while still remaining on pitch.

Act + Performance

Half the battle for Moldova seems to be finding a strong song matched with a strong vocalist and I think the nation managed to get 50% of the way. Anna is a good performer, as we saw during the national selection, however just with a forgettable entry.

There is a possibility that a well-considered stage performance could elevate this song, and I would hope for something quite cinematic and something that builds up with the song. My Lucky Day was in the same position last year with a fairly average song which managed to become one of the most memorable in terms of its stage performance. I don’t think this year’s entry will manage that sort of ‘glow up’ but it may be the deciding factor between whether this finishes in last or not in the semi-final.


I really can’t see this making a big impact in the voting, both jury and televote. It’s a mediocre song as is, but also being 3rd in the running order seems to be a bad position for them to be in, especially considering Switzerland is following Moldova and it’s likely they will be lost against the upbeat song from the Swiss. It’s a shame as her vocals are great, but I can’t see it being enough.



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