Ukraine begin the search for Junior Eurovision 2019

Ukrainian broadcaster UA:PBC have now launched their Junior Eurovision selection.

The application window is now open, with eager participants invited to apply between July 8th and August 8th. Anyone between the age of 9 and 14 can apply online at

The participants are required to upload a video where the participant sings the song live, plus upload a recorded instrumental version of the song without any vocals. The song mustn’t exceed three minutes, nor should it have been released or performed publicly before May 1. The participants must also film a video where they answer the questions ‘What is the victory for you?’ and ‘What is Ukraine for you?’

The selection does in fact ban singers who have performed in Crimea or Russia since January 1st, 2014, and if an act is found to have broken this rule, they will be disqualified from the selection.

The first stage of the selection will be a shortlist of ten participants which will be determined by four members of the broadcaster and 3 members of the music industry. From the shortlist, a committee will select the next Ukrainian Junior Eurovision participant.

Watch the 2018 performance below: