EuroRevision Quiz: How well do you know Eurovision 1956?

How well do you know the history of Eurovision? In our EuroRevision series, we aim to put the spotlight back on the early years of Eurovision, journeying through until we reach the current contest.

Today’s quiz is all about the debut year of Eurovision! Make sure to let us know in the comments, or on social media how many questions you answered correctly! Catch up on our EuroRevision post all about Eurovision 1956, here.

Who hosted the debut edition of the Eurovision Song Contest?
Lohengrin Filipello
Fernando Paggi
Rolf Liebermann
How many countries participated in the 1956 contest?
7 countries
8 countries
14 countries
Which country performed first in the running order?
The Netherlands
How many duos competed in the 1956 edition of Eurovision?
None, only soloists were allowed
Which city hosted the 1956 edition of Eurovision, and in which venue?
Lugano, Teatro Kursaal
Lugano, Palazzo dei Congressi
Bern, Bern Theatre
What is the title of Lys Assia’s entry that didn’t win the contest in 1956?
Das alte Karussell
Les amants de minuit
How many languages were represented across the 14 competing entries?
Four langauges
Three languages
Six languages
Fernando Paggi was the maestro for how many of the competing nations?
The votes awarded at the contest have never been disclosed, but according to writer Jan Feddersen, which song was likely to have been voted in 2nd place?
Im Wartesaal zum großen Glück
De vogels van Holland
Le temps perdu
Which two countries were expected to make their debut at the contest in 1956?
Austria and Denmark
Denmark and the United Kingdom
United Kingdom and Spain