More Details of Finnish Eurovision Selection Revealed

Earlier in the Eurovision season it was revealed that Finland would be returning to an open format of UMK, their Eurovision national selection. Now, more details have been released regarding the 2020 selection.

Tapio Hakasen, the music manager of YleX and organisational team member of UMK has explained that the return to the open format will showcase what Finnish music has to offer, and the viewers will get to see a wide range of genres and artists.

It is expected that 4-10 artists will participate in the single live final of UMK, and prior to the final, the broadcaster will introduce the competitors in preview style shows. The submission period for the competition will begin on November 1st and continue until November 8th.

The last time an open format of UMK was used was back in 2017. In both 2018 and 2019, an internal selection was used to select the artist representing Finland, however a multi-song format of UMK was used to select which song the internally selected artist would sing at Eurovision.

In 2019, Finland was represented by Darude featuring Sebastian Rejman with the song Look Away, which finished last in their semi-final. Watch the performance below: