A Dal will not be used as the Hungarian Eurovision Selection

Hungarian broadcaster MTVA have now confirmed that the usual national selection A Dal will not be used to select Hungary’s participant for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Furthermore, the broadcaster has not yet confirmed whether the nation will continue to participate at Eurovision, or whether they will withdraw from the 2020 contest.

A Dal will still take place in 2020, however as the broadcaster has explained, the contest will now solely focus on supporting talented musicians from the Hungarian music scene. Although it is possible that Hungary are planning an internal selection for Eurovision, it is also possible that the nation will withdraw from the contest. The broadcaster is yet to make a statement about their Eurovision participation.

Should they withdraw, it will be the fourth time that the nation has chosen not to participate at the contest. The nation first withdrew in 1999, and didn’t return until 2005. They then withdrew in 2006, and again in 2010. Since their return in 2011, the nation had consistently qualified to the final up until 2019.