2019 Junior Eurovision Reviews – Serbia

Serbia has been hit or miss at Junior Eurovision, with some success in their early days. Their best result at the contest is 3rd, which they have achieved twice now, but in recent years, Serbia usually ends up somewhere mid-table. This year Darija Vračević was selected to represent Serbia with the song, Podigni glas (Raise Your Voice). Will we see Serbia achieve their best result yet?

Song + Vocals

Coming off a string of very average results, Serbia has really put a strong effort into this year’s entry. Podigni Glas has the impact that last year’s ballad severely lacked, and because of that, Serbia is proving to be an extremely strong competitor.

From the moment the song begins, the tension builds up until the first chorus, where we get a taste of what’s to come. The melody flows as if Darija is telling a story through the verses, and it even if you don’t understand the lyrics, it feels clear that the song has a strong message. What this song does really well is build over the three minutes and by the end, we get to hear Darija really unleash the vocals.

Although it’s a strong entry from Serbia, this is the type of song that I would listen to in the context of Junior Eurovision, the night of the contest itself, but otherwise I wouldn’t choose to listen to it. I can’t necessarily explain what it is that stops me from enjoying this more than the other ballads this year, but looking at it objectively, this is certainly a strong entry that has strong potential at Junior Eurovision.

Act + Performance

Serbia really lucked out by drawing the final spot in the running order, and it will be a strong closing to the show. Seeing as Poland won from the final spot last year, could we see Serbia achieve the same results from the same position? Judging by the fan reaction, it definitely seems possible. It has the potential for a strong jury vote, and the televote shouldn’t be bad either, so Serbia definitely seems like the dark horse.

The staging for the performance seems strong, although I would have chosen a different outfit for Darija, or at least, a different colour for the dress. I think if Darija connects with the camera more, it will make for a more impactful performance for the viewers at home, but otherwise the team has done well with the staging of the song.


It all seems to be adding up for Serbia, and what is guaranteed is that they will finish a lot higher than their 19th place finish last year. With the final spot in the running order, I would place them easily in the Top 10, if not the Top 5. It wouldn’t be my personal pick to have Serbia finish in that position, and I definitely prefer some of the other ballads this year, but I do see why this has become a favourite.



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