EuroRevision Quiz: How well do you know Eurovision 1962?

How well do you know the history of Eurovision? In our EuroRevision series, we aim to put the spotlight back on the early years of Eurovision, journeying through until we reach the current contest.

Today our quiz revolves around the 1962 Eurovision Song Contest, so test your knowledge below!  Catch up on our EuroRevision post all about Eurovision 1962, here.

Who hosted Eurovision 1962?
Mirelle Delannoy
Jos Pauly
René Steichen
Which three nations finished in 10th place?
Denmark, Norway and Switzerland
Austria, Finland and Netherlands
Italy, Monaco and Spain
Jean Phillipe represented Switzerland in 1962, but which country did he previously represent in 1959?
From which place did the winner France perform from in the running order?
9th place
4th place
13th place
Yugoslavia achieved two sets of top points (3 points), but which nations gave Yugoslavia these points?
France and Italy
The Netherlands and Norway
Spain and Austria
Where was Eurovision 1962 held?
Villa Louvigny, Luxembourg City
Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg, Luxembourg City
Théâtre des Capucins, Luxembourg City
Finish this sentence: The winning song was the third consecutive winning song which was…
Performed in French
Performed by a Female Artist
Performed in 14th place in the running order
Which of these three facts about Eurovision 1962 is true?
Eurovision 1962 featured no debuting nations, nor returning or withdrawing nations
No nations received ‘nul points’ in Eurovision 1962
Luxembourg hosted Eurovision for the second time
Which of the following three nations finished in the highest position?
United Kingdom
There were four returning artists in 1962, but which placed the highest?
François Deguelt
Camillo Felgen
Fud Leclerc