Rein Alexander to join the Melodi Grand Prix Final

The second semi-final of the Norwegian selection, Melodi Grand Prix, has taken place with the next four acts competing for just one qualifying position to the final.

It was previously announced that the Norwegian selection would consist of five semi-finals, with four acts in each semi-final. Just one act will qualify each week, and the qualifiers will join five already qualified artists, Sondrey, Didrik & Emil, Akuvi, Ulrikke Brandstorp and Tone Damli.

The four competing acts in the semi-final were put into two duels, where a winner was decided for each duel. The winners would then move onto the ‘Gold Duel’ where the winner would then qualify to the Melodi Grand Prix final. The results were decided completely by online voting.

Here are the duels:

  • Tore Petterson – ‘Start Of Something New’ vs Kim & Maria – ‘Fool For Love’
  • Jæger – ‘How About Mars’ vs Rein Alexander – ‘One Last Time’

The winners of the first round were Kim & Maria and Rein Alexander, with Rein Alexander taking out the top spot with his song, One Last Time.

In each semi-final, one of the pre-qualified artists will perform their song during the show and this week Didrik & Emil performed their song, Out of Air.