Romania: Roxen Releases Five Potential Eurovision Entries

Earlier in the Eurovision season, it was announced that Roxen would represent Romania at Eurovision this year. In a change up of their selection process, this year Romania internally selected their artist, while their song would be chosen through a public selection.

There is a total of five songs in the running to represent Romania, all to be performed by Roxen. The songs were created at a songwriting camp, and were selected by specialists from various related professional fields.

The five selected songs are as follows:

“Storm” (written by Minelli and Viky Red)

“Colors” (written by Julie Frost, Breyan Isaac and Alex Cotoi)

“Cherry Red” (written by Theea Miculescu, Sebastian Barac, Marcel Botezan and Costel Dominteanu)

“Beautiful Disaster” (written by Julie Frost, Breyan Isaac and Alex Cotoi)

“Alcohol You” (written by Ionut Armas, Breyan Isaac, Viky Red)

The national selection will take place on March 1st, where these five songs will be performed by Roxen. The winning song will be selected by a 50/50 split of Jury and Televote. In the case of a tie, the public vote will take preference.