Eurovision 2020 Reviews – Russia

Known for strong ballads, Russia flipped the expectations by sending one of the most popular ‘viral’ bands, Little Big. Their song Uno was the final song release of this year’s season, and it quickly became a hot favourite. Would we have seen Russia as a Top 5 finisher?

Anita (Eurovision Union)

Song and Vocals

Uno is certainly not at Skibidi levels of craziness, but still has that Little Big charm. It’s a bit out there, and wouldn’t appeal to everyone, but to call it a hot favourite feels justified. Everything about this is incredibly catchy, and although it is repetitive, as are most Little Big songs, it’s a melody so insanely catchy that the repetition doesn’t bother me at all. After the three minutes ends, I’m still singing it.

The group had performed this live and to their credit, it was very strong. It’s easy to assume a group such as Little Big aren’t as strong live, but I am certain that they would have given a killer performance at Eurovision. Televote winner, possible, even likely, but with the jury, it’s hard to say. It’s a great song, which would have been backed up with a good stage performance, so I’d like to think the jury would have backed this to some degree.

Performance and Act

Little Big are experts at staging. There’s a reason they are viral, and it certainly came through the Uno music video. It’s not overly complex, just add a dance, and a very special dancer, and it’s a good formula for the unique group. Everything about the performance is entertaining, and I suspect they would have carried this exact performance to Eurovision.

Next Up: 2021

Please, let Little Big represent Russia in 2021. Their discography is magical, and although they will never appeal to everyone, they will certainly charm many viewers, no matter the song. Another strong upbeat song will see Little Big at the top end of the odds once again. Let’s hope.


Although we will never see Uno on the Eurovision stage, I could probably say that it would have been my favourite Russian entry at Eurovision. This just oozes uniqueness and personality, and I think it was a refreshing change for Russia. Would this have finished Top 5, I suspect so.



Dennis (ESCDaily)

Song and Vocals

One of the fun and entertaining entries of 2020 would have been the song ‘Uno’ by Little Big. We can hardly call it a lyrical masterpiece, but like their previous songs it is just pure entertainment.

Vocals are not as important with entries like these, but in the genre I think the Russians did a good job. Not sure if a jury would reward this entry as high as televoters might have done.

Performance and Act

An epic dance, a unique looking dancers and a group of characters together on stage. Russia brought a smile to a lot of faces. I was quite surprised with the first live performance of their in a Russian talkshow. Looks like they were about to copy their video clip to the Eurovision stage. And were able to deliver it live as well.

Next up: 2021

It would make sense that we will see the group Little Big at Eurovision 2021 after all. I expect they will stick with what they are good at: a fun song with a lot of repetition in our face. They have made better songs than ‘Uno’ in the past, and on Social Media some people showed their disappointment after hearing their Eurovision entry. Maybe they can do even better in 2021.


Russia would have been on top of the scoreboards in Rotterdam in 2020. If Channel One sticks with Little Big, and why shouldn’t they, they should be able to remain a top candidate. Their unique features are not dependent on the song alone. Russia has a lot of potential to do well at Eurovision with this choice.



Additional Scores from Eurovision Union and ESCDaily editors: 

Brandon: 9/10

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Average Score:  8.5/10

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