Eurovision 2020 Reviews – Slovenia

Since making their debut back in the 90’s, Slovenia has managed to score within the Top 10 only three times. Despite that, the nation offers up a diverse range of songs from year to year, and this year, we were set to see Voda performed on the stage by Ana Soklič. Could this have been their next Top 10 appearance?

Anita (Eurovision Union) 

Song and Vocals

Despite Slovenia adding a new branch to their selection process, I found myself uninspired by the choices put forward by the nation this year. Unfortunately Ana Soklič was one of the acts not high on my list, and this hasn’t been a song I have been actively wanting to listen to. That being said, a revamp was released after the contest was cancelled and admittedly this is the first time I have listened to it.

From the first note, I start to get Kaliopi vibes, but less impactful. Vocally, this has no issues, and Ana is a confident vocalist, but the main issue here is the song itself. The beat is bland until we reach the symphonic instrumentation in the second chorus. The simple instrumentation helps highlight her voice, but with a somewhat one dimensional melody through the verses, it’s just all a bit plain. Big ballad fans will probably appreciate this song more than me, but I find it hard to make it through the entire three minutes.

Performance and Act

The staging featured at the National Selection was simple but eye-catching, and would have probably translated well to Eurovision. Ana connects well to the camera, and the lighting and camera movements are well considered. Unfortunately, it doesn’t change the fact that I still struggle to enjoy this song.

Next Up: 2021

Should Ana Soklič represent Slovenia in 2021, I would hope for something a bit more memorable. She could confidently belt out a ballad with stronger ethnic influences, or even just a stronger backing beat and melody. She has the vocals of a Eurovision finalist, and has the potential for a strong stage show, but it would come down to the song.


As it stands, I did not place Slovenia as a finalist, and I feel fairly confident in that. The vocals may have impressed on the night, but not enough to be memorable enough for the voters. Unfortunately this was low on my list this year, but would be happy to see Ana return in 2021 for another shot.



Dennis (ESCDaily)

Song and Vocals

The potential song from Slovenia for Eurovision 2020 was underwhelming for me. It is a nice, intimate composition. Here also lies the main weakness for me. The song fails to make a lasting impression on first listen within the three minutes. Not good when you enter a music competition. That being said, there is nothing wrong with the vocal delivery of Ana Soklič during ‘Voda’.

Performance and Act

At the final of EMA 2020, one of the aspects that made ‘Voda’ a winner was probably the nice staging. Good camera shots, props that fit to the feel of the song and an artist that knows how to catch the right camera at the right time. My main concern is that the song itself is not interesting enough to last for three minutes. And the song doesn’t do well with made up visual distractions.

Next up: 2021

The singer Ana Soklič is a capable artist, judged on her winning EMA performance. With a better song, same genre perhaps, with more impact, I feel that we could see Slovenia in the final of Eurovision in 2021.


Slovenia has had better acts and artists in recent years, but it would not have been the first time if we saw them make a surprising presence at the Eurovision final. The future will learn if RTVSLO thinks it is wise to keep Ana Soklič as their artist. I feel that with another powerballad, one with actual power, she might have a shot at success.



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