Eurovision 2020 Reviews – San Marino

If we look at the results history from San Marino, it’s clear that the nation is one of the most unsuccessful countries at Eurovision. In 10 participating years, San Marino has manage to qualify to the final just twice, but would they have made it three times with returning artist Senhit and her song, Freaky?

Anita (Eurovision Union)

Song and Vocals

I breathed a sigh of relief when I found out that Serhat would not be returning to represent San Marino this year. The shock qualification of Say Na Na Na still leaves a bad taste in my mouth, so I was glad to see that they went a different direction this year. But not that different. What’s a San Marino entry if it’s not performed by someone who has already performed at Eurovision?

Senhit is returning to Eurovision almost a decade later, having represented the nation with the song Stand By back in 2011. Freaky is certainly a different style of song, it’s upbeat rather than a ballad, but yet Freaky would have been better off in 2011. The song is outdated (in typical San Marino style) and quite frankly, it’s hard to take this song seriously. The music video certainly doesn’t help its case.

Senhit has a nice voice, that was confirmed back in 2011 where she confidently performed her entry, but it feels wasted in a song like this. Why are we not getting an Italian language song? Italy is consistently successful at Eurovision for just sending genuine and quality Italian language songs, and I don’t really understand why San Marino continues to either outsource Eurovision duties to a non-sammarinese or Italian singer, and to sing in English. I just want something that feels contemporary and just genuine – is that too much to ask?

Performance and Act

Sehnit is a good performer, but when it comes to a song like this, we know we would have been getting a stage performance that is probably a bit too bombastic. The music video is chaotic and far from enjoyable to watch, and I worry that the aesthetic from the music video would have carried through to the Eurovision stage and it would have just been a mess. If they had a clear concept for the staging, it may have boosted the credibility of the song, but I didn’t have high hopes.

Next Up: 2021

San Marino loves to recycle artists, and for that reason it’s very likely we will be seeing Senhit return to Eurovision. She was internally selected, and perhaps if the broadcaster does choose to participate again in 2021, they will work with Senhit again, likely in the same format as this year. We may get a couple of songs that the public will choose from, but let’s just hope those songs are fit for 2021.


If i had to recite all 41 artists and songs this year, I would be bound to forget this entry. And if i’m honest, I don’t want to remember it either. It just does nothing for me, it’s too dated and I just want more from San Marino. Give us a contemporary pop number, or a killer ballad – just not this.



Dennis (ESCDaily)

Song and Vocals

Ok, where to begin with this one. San Marino has a history of sending dated tunes to Eurovision. And the song ‘Freaky!’ lives up to that expectation. The backing track is from a disco song that would already be dated about 15 years ago. But, and we know that from her past participation, Senhit is a good singer and does it technically right.

Performance and Act

Credibility is key when you go for a specific music genre. And I of course haven’t seen the live performance as it would have been in Rotterdam. But based on the video clip and what we know about Senhit, I don’t really see her connection to a song like this. Things can get a bit awkward and unfitting. If you milk this, like with Serhat, people will see the funny side of it. But I think Senhit is too serious to make such a novelty-song into an actual novelty, like he did twice.

Next up: 2021

Senhit was chosen by the broadcaster in San Marino and they will send her again, I’m pretty sure about that. Well, if San Marino stays in the competition that is. They have fought, almost as the only nation, for postponing Eurovision 2020 instead of its cancellation. I think one of their main reasons are the finances. It is praiseworthy that this microstate takes part every year, but there are limitations for them. And the consequences of the corona crisis could give them a blow that makes it hard to take part at Eurovision again.


I don’t think Senhit would have made enough impact at Eurovision 2020 with the song ‘Freaky!’. Yes, it is in a ‘unique’ genre in the field, but overall the composition is just not good enough, despite the trust I have in her vocal qualities. I felt like this song and her strengths were not a match and that San Marino would not have had a good result in Rotterdam at all.



Additional Scores from Eurovision Union and ESCDaily editors: 

Brandon: 5.5/10

Steef:: 4/10

Joshua: 6.5/10

Selim: 2/10

Heath: 5.5/10

Kaitlin: 4/10

Average Score:  4.3/10

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