Senhit launches her ‘Freaky Road to Rotterdam’ With Eurovision Covers

Sammarinese Eurovision representative Senhit has launched a series dedicated to her road to Eurovision 2021. Senhit was selected to represent San Marino in 2020, and it has been announced that she will represent the nation in 2021 in light of the cancellation of this year’s contest.

As we count down to the 2021 contest, Senhit will be releasing Eurovision covers each month in the lead up to the contest. She will be working with artistic director Luca Tommassini, who she worked with for her Eurovision 2020 entry, Freaky.

Senhit has chosen a range of songs to cover over the next few months, but rather than just covering the song, she will create a music video with the direction of Luca Tommassini. She will perform each song with a different style and look, with a unique Senhit flair.

The first song that Senhit has covered is Cheesecake, which was the Belarusian entry from 2014, originally performed in 2014. Watch the clip below:

The second cover is Everyway That I Can, the winning Turkish song from Eurovision 2003:

What song do you want to see covered by Senhit?