National Final to select Slovenian Eurovision Entry

It was previously announced that Eurovision 2020 representative for Slovenia, Ana Soklič was reselected to represent the nation at Eurovision 2021. Now, it has been revealed that a national selection will be used to select the song that she will perform at Eurovision.

The song submission is now open, with it to remain open until the 30th of September. All successful applications will be reviewed by an expert commission. It has not yet been announced how many songs will be selected, nor how the winning song will be selected. Further details will be released in due time.

A possible list of selected songs will be released on by the end of the year at the latest, and the winning song will be selected by March 9th at the latest.

Ana has talked about what style of song that she might sing at Eurovision 2021, leaving the door open to ballads and upbeat songs,

‘What should be the song I want to sing in 2021? I’ll know that when I hear it. To be able to just say what it has to be like, I can’t do that. You hear it when you’re working. Just because I mostly sing ballads in competitions, by no means does this mean that I approach life in just that way. I love groove and drive, that’s the real thing’

Ana was meant to perform the song Voda at Eurovision 2020, however as we know the contest was cancelled. Listen to the song below: