Poland: Szansa na Sukces Semi-Final 2 Complete

The second semi-final of the Polish Junior Eurovision selection, Szansa na Sukces has taken place, where a total of 7 artists competed for just one qualifying position.

On the judging panel for the show was Gromee (Eurovision 2018), Cleo (Eurovision 2014) and Michał Wiśniewski (Eurovision 2003 and 2006 as part of Ich Troje).

Here are semi-finalists:

  • Agata Serwin
  • Aleksandra Kędra
  • Aleksandra Tracz
  • Maja Biernat
  • Maja Janowska
  • Natalia Kosmowska
  • Sandra Wawer

The winner of the second semi-final was Agata Serwin. She will perform again in the Final, which will take place on September 27th. Unlike many of the participants in the selection, Agata has not previously participated in any televised competitions in Poland.