Junior Eurovision: Sofia Feskova wins Russian Selection

The Russian Junior Eurovision selection has taken place, with the next Russian Junior Eurovision representative decided. Over 100 applications were received, with 39 applicants reaching the semi-finals. From there, just 11 participants continued to the final stage of the competition.

Here is the line-up:

  • Artyom Morozov – Лети (Fly)
  • Arseny Slesarev – Что ты наделала, baby? (What Have You Done, Baby?)
  • Artyom Fokin – Возьми мою руку (Take My Hand)
  • Gennady Pereverdiev – Настроение Панда (Mood Panda)
  • LittleZ: Mikhail Koval and Polina Koroleva – Первая любовь (First Love)
  • Sergey Filin and Veronica Litovchenko – В трендах TikTok(In TikTok Trends)
  • Sofia Kirsenko – Просто жить (Just Live)
  • Sofia Tumanova – Больше света (More Light)
  • Sofia Feskova – Мой новый день (My New Day)
  • Sofia Shkepu – Alise
  • Rutger Garecht – Дорога – моя судьба (The Road Is My Destiny)

The finalists worked with voice and choreography coaches in the lead up to their performances. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there was no audience attending the final, however this did not stop the performers giving their all.

The results revealed that Sofia Feskova had won the overall vote, which featured a combination of online and jury voting. Sofia will be singing the song Moy Novy Den (My New Day) at Junior Eurovision, hosted in Poland.

Watch the performance below: