2000 and Whatever – Sweden

We may not get to see our 2020 favourites take to the stage, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce on our Eurovision favourites. This series is aimed to discover the team’s favourite entries from the 21st century, from 2001 to 2019.

In collaboration with ESCDaily, we will be reviewing some of their 21st Century favourites, while over on their site, you will find their reviews of our favourites!

Below our reviews, you will find a poll where you can vote for your favourite Eurovision entry from the 21st Century.


Anita Reviews Dennis’ 21st Century Favourite

Loreen – Euphoria | 1st place, 372 points (Final)

This is an obvious choice, and a choice that I was so close to making myself. When you think of Sweden at Eurovision, Loreen and Euphoria is such a core memory, along with ABBA, of course. Everything about this entry was iconic, from the catchy song to the perfect staging. Loreen’s voice really is something else, and in the context of 2012, the entry as a whole was truly unbeatable. Not just one of Sweden’s best, but easily one of the best Eurovision entries of all time.

Joshua Reviews Brandon’s 21st Century Favourite

Charlotte Perrelli – Hero | 18th place, 47 points (Final)

On its own, I think that this song is great. It’s a little cheesy, but extremely catchy and well executed Swedish pop (with the essential key change). It is always going to be compared to ‘Take Me To Your Heaven’, however, and in my opinion it isn’t of the same standard. It’s extremely hard to come back and top a performance that won you Eurovision, and I think this fell just short.

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