2020 Junior Eurovision Reviews – Georgia

Georgia currently hold the title for most Junior Eurovision wins, having won in 2008, 2011 and most recently in 2016. Through a national final, it was decided that Sandra Gadelia would be representing Georgia at this year’s contest with the song You Are Not Alone, but will it join the winners list?

Song + Vocals

Georgia usually take one of two routes at Junior Eurovision, either a totally wacky act, or a sensible ballad. This time around, they have landed somewhere in the middle. Due to the late release of this song, I hadn’t yet heard the entire song until now. Jokes on me for thinking this was a run of the mill ballad, because it gets a little wild in the middle. The song starts with an incredible piano backing, mixed with Sandra’s vocals, which are well beyond her years. This song has a big first chorus, and I totally expected to return back to a regular old verse, but what happens between the end of the first chorus and the final moments of the song is beyond me. It could be accurately described as chaos, but it’s not a pleasant chaos, at least in my opinion.

The thing I struggle with the most with this song is that the melodies are so vague. There’s nothing in this song that can easily stick, and so by the end of the song, I’m left with no real memory of the song. The melody is especially lost in that middle section, where there are clashing instrumentals, from the drums to the piano and the strings, the choral backing vocals and a random tambourine. It’s all just a bit too much, which is a shame since she has an incredible voice. In the middle of the chaos we also get a key change, as if there wasn’t enough happening.

Act + Performance

I’ve since seen the snippet of the performance and I like what I see. Her dress is stunning, and I like how they have used the flowers in the costumes of the backing dancers and in the backing screens. I’ll reserve full judgement for when I see the full performance, but hopefully it helps tone down the chaos of the song rather than add to it.


Even after a few listens, I just don’t think I’m on board with Georgia this year. I like the ‘traditional’ ballad sound of the first verse and chorus, but my mind just can’t get around that middle section. This song has a strong following, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see it do well, but it wouldn’t be my top pick by far.



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