X Factor Malta to begin in October!

A little while back, it was announced that Malta were scrapping their traditional national final format for Eurovision 2019, and instead were adopting the X Factor format, with the winner to represent Malta at Eurovision next year.

More news has come out, including the start date for the competition. The first show will take place on October 7th and will feature the footage that was taken at auditions back in August as well as the footage from the boot camp, which is currently being filmed. At this stage it’s unsure how long the competition will go for, however as we know, the Eurovision participant will need to be chosen by the EBU deadline in March next year.

The X Factor Malta panel features four very talented music industry professionals, including a familiar face! The panel consists of:

  • Howard Keith Debono – Music industry professional who is also the manager of Ira Losco
  • Ray Mercieca – A local music legend and one of the most well-known musicians within Malta. He has worked with bands such as The Characters and The Riffs
  • Alexandra Alden – Maltese artist who has relocated to The Netherlands where she has studied music. She has had two number 1 songs as well as two albums
  • Ira Losco – Twice a Eurovision representative for Malta, and one of their biggest artists. She performed back in 2002 with the song 7th Wonder which was close to stealing the win, and then she returned in 2016 with the song Walk on Water

The host of the show is Ben Camille who is one of the nation’s most popular actors also known for his roles presenting and modelling. This is not his first Eurovision related role, as he had previously hosted the Maltese national final as well as Junior Eurovision back in 2016.