Czech Republic: Song for Benny Cristo to be Internally Selected

Czech broadcaster, Ceska Televize has confirmed that the song that will represent the nation at Eurovision this year will be internally selected. Eurovision 2020 representative, Benny Cristo will remain as the representative after the 2020 contest was cancelled.

It was previously revealed that Benny had written a number of songs to be considered for Eurovision, with the Czech broadcaster to settle on one of those entries.

The nation has also announced the new Head of Delegation, with Kryštof Šámal replacing Cyril Hirsch, who was the Head of Delegation for the 2020 season. Cyril is now the Assistant Head of Delegation. Kryštof Šámal has been involved with Eurovision since 2016, and was previously the Head of Press and on the jury for the 2020 selection.

While we wait for the song announcement from Benny Cristo, listen to his 2020 entry below: