Benny Cristo to sing ‘Omaga’ at Eurovision 2021

Last year, Benny Cristo was the winner of the Czech national selection with the song Kemama, which he was set to present at Eurovision 2020. Due to the cancellation of the contest, he was unable to perform, however the Czech broadcaster extended the ticket to the 2021 contest.

The 2021 Czech song has now been revealed, with Benny to perform the upbeat number, ‘Omaga’ which you can listen to below:

The music video is a creative homage to a number of classic films, and Benny himself has discussed the creation of the video, saying, ‘We recorded so many different, amazing scenes, so I knew that even if we only used 10% of them, we could still make a great, funny and entertaining video. Jan (Strach), the director, came up with the creative idea and I feel we’ve managed to realise it in the best way possible. I hope fans enjoy the video as it was so much fun to make!’

Director Jan Strach also commented, saying ‘To reference a bunch of iconic movies in a funny way was a big challenge, but we pulled it off thanks to Benny’s superb acting and sense of fun. He was able to pay tribute to those movies in such a respectful and fun way.’

The song was written by Benny Cristo and Filip Vlček.