Melodi Grand Prix: Jorn Wins Last Spot in the Norwegian Final

Over the last five weeks, we have been introduced to all the competing entries of this year’s Norwegian national selection, Melodi Grand Prix. In each semi-final, just one act has been selected to continue to the final to join the pre-qualified artists. The artists that had been eliminated faced a second chance round, with one spot left in the upcoming final.

Here were the acts competing for the final spot:

Eliminated from Semi-Final 1:
Beady Belle – Playing with Fire
Jorn – Faith Bloody Faith
Stina Talling – Elevate

Eliminated from Semi-Final 2:
Daniel Owen – Psycho
Ketil Stokkan – My Life is OK
Maria Solheim – Nordlyset

Eliminated from Semi-Final 3:
Big Daddy Karsten – Smile
Dinaye – Own Yourself
Ole Hartz – Vi er Norge

Eliminated from Semi-Final 4:
Landeveiens Helter – Alt det der
Marianne Petha & Mikkel Gaup – Pages
Royane – Circus

Eliminated from Semi-Final 5:
TuVeia – Bli med meg på gar’n
Ane.Fin – Walking in my Sleep
RIVER – Coming Home

During the show, clips of the semi-final performances were shown again, with voting to take place to determine the final qualifier. Finishing out on top was Jorn with his song, Faith Bloody Faith. Watch the performance below:

Here is the final line-up for the Melodi Grand Prix Final, set to take place on the 20th of February:

  • Atle Pettersen – World On Fire
  • Blåsemafian ft. Hazel – Let Loose
  • Emmy – Witch Woods
  • IMERIKA – I Can’t Escape
  • Jorn – Faith Bloody Faith
  • Kaja Rode – Feel Again
  • KEiiNO – Monument
  • KiiM – My Lonely Voice
  • Raylee – Hero
  • Rein Alexander – Eyes Wide Open
  • Stavangerkameratene – Who I Am
  • TIX – Ut av mørket