Greece: Stefania shares her Last Dance

Greek Eurovision representative Stefania has now debuted her new competition entry, which is titled Last Dance. The Dutch-Greek artist was set to represent Greece at Eurovision in 2020, however as the contest was cancelled, she was unable to perform her previous entry.

This year’s entry was written by Dimitris Kontopoulos, ARCADE and Sharon Vaughn, which is the team she worked with for her previous entry, Supergirl. The music video shows elements of Greek Mythology, such as Pegasus and Atlas and is set in a slightly dystopian dreamscape. The Greek team explain, ‘Every end always marks a new beginning. That is why the video with light, which always overtakes darkness, inviting all of us to remain optimistic and to firmly believe that even the unprecedented ordeal that the whole planet has been experiencing will soon be over.’

Watch the music video below: