VICTORIA to sing Growing Up Is Getting Old at Eurovision

The Bulgarian Eurovision entry has now been revealed, with VICTORIA announcing that Growing Up Is Getting Old will be the song she performs on the Rotterdam stage. The announcement followed an online concert, where VICTORIA performed songs from her new EP, A Little Dramatic.

The Bulgarian selection process this year featured many aspects of an internal selection, however VICTORIA invited fans to provide feedback on all the songs from her EP, as one of those songs would become her Eurovision entry. The Bulgarian team took the feedback on board, and also worked with a panel to determine which song VICTORIA would sing at Eurovision this year.

VICTORIA is ready to perform with her ‘heart and soul’, saying, ‘It was a very difficult decision. I am glad that BNT, Ligna, and my team are totally united in our choice. Your feedback about the songs helped us a lot. The opinion of music and television experts from all over Europe helped us as well. Perhaps for me, choosing from my six songs was the hardest. Each of them is very special to me. But when we had to choose between the two songs with the most support from the viewers and the experts – Imaginary Friend and Growing Up Is Getting Old, I knew which song I would sing with all my heart and soul on stage in Rotterdam’

Watch the official video below, and you can also watch her online concert below: