North Macedonia: Listen to ‘Here I Stand’

North Macedonia has now revealed their Eurovision entry which is titled, Here I Stand. The nation will be represented by Vasil, who was also set to represent the nation in 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he was unable to perform on the Eurovision stage with his previous song, You.

The song was written by Borche Kuzamovskia, Davor Jordanovski and Vasil himself, with the song featuring instrumentals from a Skopje-based live symphonic orchestra. Backing vocals were recorded in the United States by former members of the Chicago Children’s Choir, which Vasil participated in as a child.

Commenting on his new Eurovision entry, Vasil said, ‘In the middle of the chaos and whirlwind of disappointments last year, I wrote ‘Here I Stand’ in one breath without any specific aim or focus. I think it rose out of one of those special and rare moments in life when you are at one with yourself and able to let emotions flow in their purest form without self-judgment, freely and sincerely.’

Listen to the entry below: