Eurovision 2021 Reviews – Greece

Greece has been a strong competitor throughout their history at the contest, and have won the contest once back in 2005. In recent years however, they have struggled to make the same impact, with two non-qualifications now under their belts. Hoping to improve on the nation’s results is Stefania, a Dutch-Greek singer who will sing Last Dance at the contest. 

Anita (Eurovision Union) 

Song and Vocals 

Stefania is a familiar face, not only to Eurovision fans who will recognise that she was selected to represent Greece in last year’s cancelled contest, but also to Junior Eurovision fans. Stefania competed as part of a girl group called Kisses, representing The Netherlands with the aptly named song Kisses and Dancin’. Stefania has grown up a little now, and while she has dropped the kisses, she’s still dancing. 

Last Dance is a strong entry from Greece that is likely to see its way to the final this year. The song seems heavily inspired by Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa, and the trend for retro style pop numbers. The song opens strong, creating a mysterious atmosphere that leaves you wondering what’s next. The pre-chorus is very strong, and the choruses are catchy and powerful. There are some pretty big notes in this song, and there is a cloud of doubt as to whether Stefania will be able to pull it off live. I don’t think there’s been a live performance of Last Dance yet, but here’s hoping she can deliver. 

Performance and Act

There are some whispers circulating that the Greek team are planning something never before seen on the Eurovision stage for their visual performance. My first thought was, ‘will we see Stefania singing suspended in mid-air’, which would definitely make a huge impact. Regardless of what the gimmick is, I am certain that there will be one. They may choose to go with the Greek Mythology theme in a similar style to the music video, or instead they may play on the retro theme of the song. I think the song is just strong enough to make it to the final on merit, but a gimmick will certainly help Greece qualify with ease. 


I feel relatively certain that we will be seeing Greece in the final this year. Last Dance is a strong entry that will appeal to many, and if they deliver on a spectacular stage show, I don’t see how they could miss out on the final. Despite being a strong entry from Greece, it’s not among my top favourites of this year. 



Dennis (ESCDaily)

Song and Vocals

Young Dutch-Greek Stefania takes us back to the 80’s with her song ‘Last Dance’, but somehow managed to give a modern flow to her retro-song. It’s a dynamic song, but also challenging. Will Stefania be able to hold her nerves, young as she is, and vocally on tune. Especially near the end of the song, in a higher key, this will be interesting.

Performance and Act

These vocal challenges will be made even more difficult when Stefania needs to dance along to singing. She loves to dance, as we have seen in the past and on her Social Media accounts. However, with Fokas Evagelinos on the Greek team, we could also see the use of some interesting props on stage during the Greek show. Either way, I expect Greece to come up with something surprising in their act in May.


Greece has a fresh retro song, presented in a contemporary modern way by a young talented singer. When I look at the team supporting Stefania, I have a lot of faith they will come up with a slick show in the three minutes they have. If it all comes together the way I think it will, Greece will return to the final once again in 2021. 



Additional Scores from Eurovision Union and ESCDaily editors: 

Steef:: 6.5/10

Joshua: 8/10

Selim: 10/10

Heath: 4.5/10

Kaitlin: 5.5/10

Average Score:  7.1/10

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