Eurovision 2021 Reviews – Moldova

We are yet to see Moldova win Eurovision, however we have seen the nation pull some strong results. When the nation does qualify to the final, they often finish close, or within the Top 10, with their best result in 2017 with SunStroke Project. Representing the nation this year is Natalia Gordienko and her song Sugar, but will it result in a sweet victory? 

Anita (Eurovision Union) 

Song and Vocals 

After last year’s entry from Moldova, anything would be an improvement. The dire ballad made such little impact that in a sense, the cancellation of Eurovision was a blessing for the nation. This year, we saw the same songwriting team work on the Moldovan entry, and the result is far different from what we received last year. 

Sugar is the ultimate guilty pleasure song. The acapella style beginning mixed with the seductive lyrics piques your interest, and the song only gets better from there. The melodies of the song are catchy, and the beat is punchy. The instrumental breaks before and after the choruses are proof that you don’t need to fill the full three minutes with lyrics, but instead, we will certainly get some of those iconic dance moves similar to those in the music video. The song and style is very reminiscent of Maruv, the Ukrainian representative who unfortunately didn’t quite make it to Eurovision. Sugar has that same sort of sex appeal that is featured in the music of Maruv, both in lyrical style and in terms of the music video. Let’s hope that Natalia can pull off the vocals, especially that big note towards the end! 

Performance and Act 

If the music video is any indication of what we will get on the Eurovision stage, bring it on. Yes, the name of the song is Sugar, and yes, to have sugary treats is very literal, but it does really work. That music video sticks in my mind, not just for the cake face moment (if you know, you know), but also for the dancing. It’s a memorable dance routine, and I am certain they will replicate that on the Eurovision stage. Usually I’m the first to say that an act needs to tone it down during the performance in order to focus on the artist and vocals, but this time, I’m here to say, the more the better. I want props, I want dancers, I want skimpy outfits. 


This song is pure trash, and I love every second of it. Moldova has a strong record with upbeat songs, and I don’t think this will be an exception. I feel strongly that we will see Moldova in the final, and a Top 15 finish in the final wouldn’t surprise me. This will appeal to the televote, and the only thing that might bring it down is the jury vote.



Dennis (ESCDaily)

Song and Vocals

Moldova brings us a real bop this year. A lot of nice puns and lyrical metaphors in ‘Sugar’ and a lot of instrumental breaks. These parts kinda resemble the withdrawn song ‘Siren’ by Maruv for Ukraine. Natalia Gordienko has grown as an artist and singer over the years, and I can see her perform this song vocally okay. When it comes to the composition, Moldova came a long way since ‘Prison’ in 2020. 

Performance and Act

This must be something over the top and (slightly) vulgar haha. I expect Moldova to blow everyone away in their sexual act. However, it is a risky song to stage. It can become too much (like ‘Miss kiss kiss bang’ for Germany in 2009) and you can make many jurors put you down their list. It is certainly a risk for Moldova this year. 


Moldova has a good chance at qualification for the final in 2021. Somehow they have been able to always please the televoters in their upbeat and fun entries. That will certainly be the case again in Rotterdam. But if this entry is something that the jury will also approve and reward, I am very unsure. 



Additional Scores from Eurovision Union and ESCDaily editors: 

Steef:: 7/10

Joshua: 8/10

Selim: 3/10

Heath: 7.5/10

Kaitlin: 7.5/10

Average Score:  7.1/10

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