Eurovision 2021 Reviews – Denmark

Denmark first made their debut back in 1957, and has since triumphed at the contest a total of 3 times. Their most recent win at the contest was in 2013, but since then, have been hit or miss at the contest. Hoping to bring more success to the nation this year is Fyr & Flamme who will be performing Øve os på hinanden on the Rotterdam stage. 

Anita (Eurovision Union) 

Song and Vocals 

After the cancellation of Eurovision 2020, fans hoped that representatives Ben and Tan would return to represent Denmark, or at least be offered a place in a national selection. Unfortunately we didn’t see the duo return in any capacity, but they did try to compete once again. With that in mind, you would think that the broadcaster has stumbled on something with stronger potential at Eurovision, but their national final said otherwise. Denmark hosted collectively one of the weakest national finals this year, with none of the competing entries screaming ‘confident qualifier’.

Fyr & Flamme are offering up one of the most outwardly retro songs of the line-up this year, but certainly in a nostalgic sense. The beat reminds me of songs from Dschingis Khan and Boney M, with the latter currently reaching a new level of popularity on social media. The beat of Øve os på hinanden shows promise, but as soon as the vocals begin, I feel the song falls flat. The verses lack oomph, but the choruses are slightly better. I don’t feel like there’s a strong hook in this song, and by the end, I wouldn’t be able to recite any part of the song, and additionally, there’s nothing encouraging me to press repeat. 

With that said, the producers are giving Denmark the best opportunity by giving them the closing spot of the semi-final. Following Switzerland in the running order may either highlight the weaknesses of this song, or alternatively might act as a final pick-me-up of the night. The vocals of the performance are not a stand out, but for those wanting to have a dance, this could be a good song for them. They do get extra points for singing in Danish – that is always to be admired. 

Performance and Act 

The one thing I did love about their national final performance was the stage and the play on the retro theme. They were not shy about demonstrating that this is a retro style song, and I suspect that they will continue with this theme for Eurovision. The retro theme is great, but it would be good to see the duo more fluid during the performance and working the stage more. 


This song isn’t a clear qualifier, but I can’t yet completely rule it out. Closing the show may help their chances, but ultimately it feels very middle of the road. I think rehearsals might give some insight, especially if they have altered their stage show. 



Dennis (ESCDaily)

Song and Vocals

Retro is very contemporary nowadays, but Denmark is taking that to the next level. This song would have done very well at Eurovision 1981, I guess. It’s a very non-offensive song, closing the second semi final, which will certainly help their chances. Vocals are not bad, but I can’t say these are the best singers of the night. Overall, it’s not my cup of tea, but I can understand that people outside of the fan community might enjoy this song.

Performance and Act

The Danish men give a static and colorful performance. It matches with their dated song. Not very spectacular, but a fun and energetic performance. The total package makes sense, but it’s hard to keep the focus – at least mine – for the full three minutes like this. What I said about the song also applies to the performance, it all feels very dated. Like a Eurovision entry from the 80’s with an orchestra.  


Denmark has received the pimp slot, closing the second semi final. This might help their chances, since it is a happy, non-offensive family-friendly song. If that is enough… I don’t think so. The song is so dated that even this starting position might not save it from not making enough impact on the big night in the televote. Jury might still hand out some points. Overall I don’t see this as a qualifier at this stage.



Additional Scores from Eurovision Union and ESCDaily editors: 

Steef:: 2/10

Joshua: 5/10

Selim: 2/10

Heath: 6/10

Kaitlin: 5.5/10

Average Score:  4.3/10

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