Rehearsal Day 2 – Belgium

Belgium is proving they are in the right place, with an incredibly professional performance of their entry this year. The staging is kept super dark, with the lead singer situated in the middle of the group. She is surrounded by her band mates, but also a backing singer and a drummer. With that formation, the majority of the performance consists of the cameras circling around the group, with the occasional close up shot.

The lead singer is on trend with another sparkly outfit, but this time is a black dress with black diamantes. The rest of the group is dressed in black, and it really fits the dark vibe of the staging. The vocals were probably the most professional we have seen thus far, but that doesn’t feel like enough. The whole package is incredibly important, and this performance just isn’t inspiring. While the staging suits the song, it just all feels a bit.. bleh.

Time will tell if this is enough for Belgium to qualify, or whether it will fall to the same fate as Eliot and Sennek.