Rehearsal Day 2 – Croatia

Third up today is Croatia, who aren’t clear qualifiers in my opinion. Did the performance change that for me? It was a fairly good stage performance, with the retro pink, purple and blue lights throughout the performance. Albina looks great in what is the third sparkly diamond outfit in a row, and the backing dancers who join Albina in the performance also have sparkly outfits.

Albina is using the front stage primarily, and there seems to be a platform on that stage as well. She is backed by fast moving laser style lights, but the performance definitely could have benefitted from a heavier use of actual lasers. The camera work is really good, and is best in the second verse where we see Albina multiplied which looks fantastic on camera. It was definitely a stronger show than in the semi-final, but it still seems to be lacking for me. That could come down to the vocals, which for the most part were decent, but she still seems to struggle with the ‘Don’t Go’ parts of the song.

There is some room to improve with this performance, primarily in the vocals, but I am still not sure it is a strong enough song to qualify.