Rehearsal Day 2 – Malta

The bookies favourite and OGAE winner has now taken to the stage for her rehearsal, and she has not disappointed. Destiny, a former Junior Eurovision, once again showed off her vocals in a confident performance of Je Me Casse. She can certainly sing, no one can deny that.

Destiny is wearing a short pink dress with tassles and knee high boots, although one boot failed to stay up. There are backing dancers who are also wearing pink, and they appear not long into the song. The performance starts with Destiny at a ballet barre, and it begins dark with just the backing projection to cast a shadow on Destiny. The core colours of the performance are pink and neon yellow, very reminiscent of highlighters you would find in your pencil case. It’s an odd combo, but it’s actually very unique. I don’t remember there being a performance with neon highlighter yellow as a core colour, at least off the top of my head. The camera work is decent, and there are some good moments where the screen splits during the dance break. The final run through features a firework waterfall – who doesn’t love a bit of pyro.

The question remains, is this a winner? I really can’t say I’m getting winner vibes yet. This is certainly a strong performance, and could top the semi-final, but I don’t know if this is going to top some of the other big favourites.