Rehearsal Day 2 – Ukraine

Ukraine is not here to play. While the song is not to my tastes, I absolutely cannot deny that this is a very, very good performance. To set the scene, the group is situated on the main stage on a platform with prop white trees. There are dancers in the performance as well who use circular neon lights in the choreography. The whole performance is intensely bright, almost clinical, but it matches the song very well. The backing screens are filled with static patterns, and it just looks SO good.

The lead singer is wearing a green fur jacket over her black outfit, and the green pops against the white of the prop platform. The other performers are wearing black and white outfits, including raincoats. You have to be prepared for the Dutch weather!

Vocally, this is exactly what you’d expect from this song. The vocals are piercing as intended, and clearly highlights the ethnic tones of the song. Overall, I would happily place this as a qualifier.