Rehearsal Day 3 – Greece

No half naked Greek Gods on stage unfortunately, but instead we get some interesting use of the green screens. The performance begins with Stefania on stage solo, and she is wearing the most stunning purple studded jumpsuit. She really looks incredible on stage. The lighting is pink and purple, and the way they use the lighting prior to the first chorus is great. She engages very well with the camera throughout the performance.

Then begins the green screen situation. Stefania is against a grey and purple background and she is seemingly dancing with an invisible guy, where you can only see the legs. Another dancer comes on, and you can only see the top half. It’s interesting, to say the least. Then we see the Sergey tactics deployed, with Stefania climbing the invisible stairs against a cityscape background. The dancers are in and out of the performance, assisting Stefania on the ‘invisible’ props. While I think the concept is good, there are times where the green screen aspect is super obvious. In the final run through, Stefania’s torso was completely cut out (and surely not intentionally?). The lines aren’t sharp, and I would hope they work through that. Apparently there might be a projection on top of these projections as well, so there could be more to this performance we haven’t seen yet.

Vocally, Stefania gave a confident performance in both run throughs that we saw. With a bit more fine tuning, this will turn out to be a very memorable performance.