Rehearsal Day 4 – Albania

The Albanian entry Karma has had a visual upgrade since we last saw it in the national final. Anxhela is on stage alone, but she manages to command the stage all by herself. Some of the longer camera shots did make the stage look empty, and that could have been remedied with smoke throughout the performance, however it was only used right at the end.

The main imagery on the backing screens is puffs of smoke mostly in red, but occasionally in blue. It really does look great, and is unique in the field thus far. She does partake in one of the other trends this year, which is a diamond dress. Although that part of the performance isn’t unique, she does look stunning on stage.

Overall, the performance is giving me some Iveta vibes. Mostly in the way that it portrays a strong female vocalist who is very fierce in her performance style. This song is definitely in contention to qualify, especially considering that it follows Georgia, whose performance is very lowkey.